Why Play is an important part of learning?

Play is more than you think; it is a way for your child to familiarize themselves with the world while exploring and testing their own limits. At the same time, they are engaged in an activity that provides them enjoyment or amusement.


Play helps children develop skills such as:

1-Learning to exercise problem solving skills
  • 2-Showing an ability to think flexibly
  • 3-Practicing processing their emotions
  • 4-Facing their fears
  • 5-Trying new things without fear of mistake
  • Older children also gain something additional while they play—they discover their own interests and passions. Playtime will encourage them to continue exploring their own interests and build skills they will use in the future.

    All children should have time for play. It is the building blocks for establishing confidence, coping abilities, flexibility and positive interactions with others. Through play, your child will be able to apply these skills as they grow into a young adult.