Listed below are Playsource's rules:

  • Adult supervision of children is required at all times.
  • No shoes allowed inside the play area.
  • Adults need to wear socks required at all times.
  • Please no sick children/adults allowed. Out of respect for others, if you or your children are sick please come back when both of you are healthy. In order to maintain a healthy play place, we reserve the right to ask anybody that is visibly sick to leave.
  • No rough housing, dangerous play or inappropriate behavior from children AND parents
  • Dress code: Children must be in clean, dry clothes. Diapers on babies and toddlers must be covered.
  • Please change diapers only on the changing station located in the restrooms.
  • Food and drinks must stay in the designated eating area.
  • No cakes, gifts/gift opening, party favors or other party décor allowed during general play times, unless otherwise stated.
  • There is no climbing on the outside of the play structures.
1-What Is the age group you  serve?
10months to 7 years.
2-How Much Does It Cost For Admission During General Play Time?
Admission is $10 per child.
There is a $2.00 off sibling discount per sibling
Open play admission is for all day play. You can leave and return to play. Just remember to hold on to your receipt or get a hand stamp before leaving.

Children 10 months old and under are free when accompanied by a paid sibling!

3-Do You Offer Play Pass Packages?

Yes! 10 Visits, no expiration for $80

4-Why Do Adults Entering Playsource's PLay Area Have To Remove Their Shoes And Wear Socks?

The primary reason is for sanitary and health reasons. Shoes can bring in dirt and bacteria from the outside. Socks are required to prevent spreading germs. We strive to provide a clean and healthy place for your child to play. If you forget your socks, pairs of brand new socks are available for $1.00.

5-Do You Sell Prepared Foods?

We do not sell prepared foods. However, we do sell snacks and drinks.

6-Can I Bring In Outside Food Or Drinks?


7-Do You Have Wi-Fi?

Yes, we offer free Wi-Fi for our customers.

8-Can I Celebrate A Birthday During General Play Times Without Reserving A Private Party Time Slot?

No, we do not allow small birthday celebrations during general play times

9-Can Parents Go Into The Bouncy House?

Of course, but just because they want to keep a close eye on the little ones.